Below is a listing of resources to help you understand how GovCollab services help Federal Agencies to effectively migrate Jira and Confluence to a Fed-ramped data center, and also how we help Federal employees to customize their instances of Jira and Confluence

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Federal agencies remain separated across the board and compete with one another for increasingly limited resources. Agencies need a way to work with one another, operate at scale, and reduce costs. One of the best ways to do so is by combining resources. Investing in common platforms for base-level activities such as document sharing or ticketing services is the most effective means by which the government can serve the public.

End of Server for Atlassian and Federal Agencies

As Atlassian ended its support for Server licenses in February of 2024, Federal agencies need to plan where they will go and how they will move their platform. Migrating platforms and environments are never straightforward. To help you with the process, the GovCollab team has developed this comprehensive guide that addresses the unique challenges that face Federal agencies in their migration journey — as they consider the best way forward for their next Atlassian solution.


There are two main schools of thought when addressing updates that need to be made on a platform: Custom development and Out-of-the-box solutions. This paper explores the benefits and downsides of each approach to enable Federal employees to make the right decision for their agency.


Atlassian Explainer: Licenses and your Agency

Atlassian ended support for Server products in February 2024. This means that Federal agencies need to make decisions quickly about software solutions that are integral to Agile project management, organizational collaboration, data collection, and more.

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