GovCollab is THE ONLY PATH beyond Atlassian Server end-of-life.

Support for Confluence and Jira Server licenses ended February 15, 2024! Federal users who don’t have an alternative will lose:

  • Access to mission critical documentation, processes, and archived content.
  • Countless hours of formatting, contributions, and Atlassian skill development.
  • A dependable, powerful, and secure collaboration and data collection platform.

GovCollab offers FedRAMP-hosted Jira and Confluence software from Atlassian. (We’re also on the way to being FedRAMP-Ready.)

Atlassian is shutting down Server

Agencies have come to rely on Atlassian’s Confluence and Jira Server. This versatile software has become an indispensable tool for federal employees, and the benefits of these powerful platforms are endless. But Atlassian eliminated server licenses and that means the government will no longer be able to get FedRAMP-compliant Atlassian power without switching to Data Center.

Luckily, GovCollab is here to help!

As the ONLY Atlassian Jira and
Confluence FedRAMP-Moderate-hosted managed-service provider, GovCollab experts can help you find a fast, easy, and affordable solution for all your hosted Atlassian needs.

A Clear Path Beyond Atlassian Server

  • GovCollab provides a FedRAMP-hosted shared platform at significant cost savings over self-hosted Jira and Confluence.
  • GovCollab allows Federal Agencies to seamlessly migrate their Jira and Confluence content for continued use of Atlassian tools.
  • GovCollab offers built-in service support and application management.

Compare Plans and Pricing

GovCollab offers flexible monthly and annual pricing models.

Ultimate Plan pricing

GovCollab’s Ultimate plan includes full access to GovCollab’s Jira and Confluence environments. Pair the power of Jira’s workflow and Confluence’s direct editing to drive mission goals. To see a full list of Confluence and Jira capabilities visit the GovCollab FAQ page.

Ultimate Plan


Professional Plan pricing*

GovCollab provides a Confluence-only Professional Plan for interested agencies. With our Professional pricing users have access to all the tools and plug-ins available in our Confluence environment, but none of Jira’s capabilities.

Atlassian Confluence logo

Professional Plan


GovCollab ensures your Federal agency will get the most from Jira and Confluence

There is often a difference between what a platform or application can do and how it actually works in an agency. Our certified Atlassian experts have deep knowledge and years of experience in ensuring agencies get what they need from Jira and Confluence to efficiently deliver their mission goals. We’ve customized these solutions for:

Intra and interagency collaboration spaces, including
Data Collection and Reporting
Agile Software Development and Project Management
Workflow Automation

Optimizing software to power your mission

  • Secure, FedRAMP Moderate platform
  • Flexible Jira and Confluence platform
  • Tech Support that meets your needs
  • Extensive suite of plugins
  • Professional Services available for software customization and design


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Atlassian Hosting — Without the Hassle.