Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions about how GovCollab helps Federal Agencies to use Jira and Confluence. Click on any question below to reveal the answer.

GovCollab Questions Answered

Cost Related:

How much does GovCollab Cost?

GovCollab works on a cost-per-user model which includes support services to provide agencies all they need for their Atlassian environment.

Do I need to pay for all my users that access GovCollab?

Yes, GovCollab’s licenses are purchased on a per-user basis.

Are there any other licenses that I need to purchase?

Probably not. GovCollab includes all plugin-in, platform, reporting, and other licenses necessary to run your projects. That said, if you want access to additional tools – Office 365 or Salesforce, for example – you will need to purchase those. See What’s the cost of adding other applications to our solution?

Can I add users midway through my period of performance?

If a partner needs to add additional users to their annual license, GovCollab can work with you to prorate increased costs based on your period of performance and purchase vehicle.

What if I want to cancel my GovCollab license during the period of performance?

GovCollab licenses are purchased on an annual or a month-to-month basis. It is not possible to cancel mid-period.

What procurement methods do you support?

GovCollab has identified eight distinct procurement paths that agencies can leverage to acquire services. GovCollab will happily work with your agency procurement office to identify the best way for you to obtain GovCollab. In addition, GovCollab is available on NASA Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) for agencies to purchase directly.

What’s the cost of adding other applications to our solution?

There are three main factors to consider when adding an application to your platform on GovCollab that combine to determine a majority of costs you will undertake:

  1. GovCollab’s FedRAMP – If you have the team and ability to execute your own ATO without GovCollab’s established FedRAMP package then that makes the path easier.
  2. Type of application – This defines the type of support your organization will require for installing, integrating, and operating a new application on the platform which will in turn aid us in evaluating costs.
  3. Combining licenses – If you decide to add a new application to your GovCollab platform then you will also need to pay for the licenses in addition to those already included in your GovCollab membership fees.

Security Related:

Are you FedRAMP’d?

GovCollab is not yet a FedRAMP’d service, but is hosted on FedRAMP’d servers. We are actively looking for a FedRAMP sponsor and can offer a license discount to agencies that would like to assist.

What do I need to do from an ATO perspective?

ATOs and their requirements vary from agency to agency. GovCollab has prepared a ready to go SSP and security documentation for all security offices who require them. In addition, GovCollab has an ATO letter template that agencies can choose to use (or develop from) rather than developing their own ATO letter.

Do you have ATO instructions?

ATOs are agency specific, so while we can provide all the documentation you will need for your agency we do not have instructions for each agency.

Do you offer assistance in putting together an ATO?

We are unable to assist agencies in putting together their ATOs. Since GovCollab is the organization providing services it would be inappropriate for us to help write and advise an organization on our security posture. We can assist your team in understanding our controls and implementations, but you will have to do the reviews and risk assessments.

What other security concerns need to be addressed by our teams prior to using GovCollab?

GovCollab has a team of security experts ready to advise and support you through your security requirements. Each organization has different needs and we’re eager to assist you with understanding our security posture by reaching out to one of our GovCollab experts today.

Capability Related:

What Jira plugins are included on the platform?

    1. Jira Calendar Plugin
    2. Ideal Forms for Jira
    3. Adaptavist ScriptRunner for Jira
    4. Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support Tools
    5. Automation for Jira
    6. Jira Cloud Migration Assistant
    7. Delegated Group Management

What Confluence plugins are included on the platform?

    1. Confluence Source Editor
    2. Comala Metadata
    3. Content Formatting for Confluence
    4. Delegated Group Management in Confluence
    5. Gliffy Diagrams for Confluence
    6. Scroll ImageMap for Confluence
    7. Survey and Vote Macros
    8. User Switch for Confluence
    9. Viewtracker Analytics for Confluence
    10. MultiExcerpt
    11. MAX RSVP
    12. Advanced Roadmaps for Jira in Confluence
    13. Announcement Banner for Confluence
    14. Atlassian Troubleshooting and Support Tools
    15. Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager Plugin
    16. Atlassian Universal Plugin Manager Self-Update Plugin
    17. Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant
    18. System App: Administration UI
    19. System App: Analytics Core
    20. System App: Attachment Tracking
    21. System App: Search Analytics

Are you willing to add new plugins? If so, what are the steps to request a new capability addition to the platform?

Yes! GovCollab is willing and able to add any plugin from the Atlassian Marketplace that our partners desire. To initiate an inquiry into plugin availability and compatibility speak to one of our GovCollab experts here.

What options are available for Authentication?

GovCollab offers flexibility for partners’ preferred secure authentication mechanisms including, but not limited to, support for PIV/CAC, MAX Authentication, Login.gov, and your agency’s federated login.

What analytics tools are available?

GovCollab is compatible with any Atlassian Marketplace plugins or external business intelligence softwares. Talk to a GovCollab expert today to learn more about best practices and common solutions for Confluence and Jira data analysis.

Can we connect to our own analytics platform via an API?

Yes! You can leverage the Jira REST API documentation and the Confluence REST API documentation for more information on integrating data for analytics tools from external sources.

Can we add other applications to our solution? If so, which ones?

Yes! You can add applications to enhance capabilities through two mechanisms – plugins and REST APIs. GovCollab allows for any Atlassian Marketplace plugin to be installed on our instances of Confluence and Jira. Or, you can use the Atlassian REST API to build apps, develop integrations between apps, or script interactions with Jira and Confluence.

Can we connect to our internal agency data sets?

Yes! Jira and Confluence both provide a robust import wizard to connect external data to their environments. Additionally, there are numerous plugins available on the Atlassian Marketplace for tailored imports of data as well as Atlassian documentation here.

Can we export our data to our agency’s in-house analytics?

Yes! Several commonly used analytic tools like Power-BI have Confluence and Jira plugins to export data to external sources for further evaluation.

If MAX Authentication is turned off, do you have a viable solution for us to continue logging into GovCollab?

Yes! GovCollab can support a number of authentication options to meet your agency needs. By default GovCollab uses a secure open source authentication tool called Keycloak to allow single sign-on with identity and access management.

What file size can a user upload to the site at once? Can that limit be lifted?

Confluence has a default upload file size limit of 100MB. For circumstances where large files need to be uploaded GovCollab can adjust the maximum file size limit to accommodate partner requirements. The maximum attachment size for Jira issues is 2GBs but can also be adjusted if required.

Are there limits on the amount of data my agency can store? If so, what are they?

  1. Yes and no. The data center architecture of GovCollab allows us to accommodate any data requirements your agency might have. That said, since our costs are closely tied to our storage, each client has limited storage space. Our experience is that most clients have no problem with the amount of storage we allocate for them.
  2. If you’re concerned about your data needs, talk to a GovCollab expert today at 202-355-9491 or MyAtlassianMSP@govcollab.us.

MAX Partner Questions

How are GovCollab and MAX Shared Services similar?

GovCollab was created by the same company that built and maintained MAX. It offers very similar functionality to what exists on the MAX Federal Community. You and your agency will still be able to set up a space in Confluence specific to your organization, set up permissions using groups, customize your content, and much more, leveraging the plugins available on the platform.

What are the options for MAX Portal partners that want to continue using Atlassian products?

How are GovCollab and MAX Shared Services different?

GovCollab is running off an out-of-the-box data center version of Confluence and Jira Software, so the user interface will look slightly different than MAX.gov, which was heavily customized for the MAX Federal Community. In addition, some of the MAX-specific apps and plugins users may have leveraged in the past may not be present or may operate differently. However, the GovCollab team is ready to walk you through any differences and has a number of apps already installed on the platform to help users recreate the functionality they relied upon on MAX.

Can I use MAX Authentication on GovCollab?

Yes! MAX Authentication is available as your Identity Provider (IDP) for agencies that wish to leverage it as their Authentication service.

Do you have a list of available plugins?

Yes! You can find our list of available apps here.

Do you allow PII on GovCollab?

No. Unfortunately, we do not allow sensitive PII on GovCollab, but we can help you find other platforms that do host that kind of data.

Do you have tools like MAX Survey or Drive?

No. Unfortunately, we are currently unable to offer MAX Survey or Drive.


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